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Curve fitting refers to the process of constructing a curve that best fits a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints. The curve is basically a mathematical function. Or, we can say that curve fitting is finding a curve that best fits a set of measured values and corresponding values.

Curve fitting in Matlab consists of Vectors, Gradients, Matrices, Derivatives, Linear Transformations, etc. Our Matlab programming tutors will provide you with detailed instructions for all your Matlab projects on curve fitting. Our Curve fitting Matlab Tutorials is specifically designed to guide you through all your Matlab Curve Fitting project problems. The experts are well versed with any problem relating Matlab Programming. Our experts are available at all times to help you with your Matlab projects. In addition to Matlab projects help, we also provide Online Matlab training with various courses.

Our Matlab tutorials on Curve fitting involves following topics:

  • Curve Fitting for a higher degree polynomial
  • Curve Fitting using DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform)
  • Minimum mean square error method
  • Curve fitting by polynomial regression
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  1. Chart present and past market data.
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  3. Develop and deploy an application for Matlab in Finance.
  4. Solve Optimization Problems.
  5. Prepare quantitative models to minimize risk and maximize performance.

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