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DO Qualification Kit is a Matlab tool used for test case models and procedures, prepare Operational Requirement documents for projects that operate on DO-subsystems by using Simulink and Polyspace. It provides various Qualification tools for Simulink verification, validation and Polyspace code verification. It also checks for tool related bugs and reports it.

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Our Matlab Tutorials offers a comprehensive course in the following topics:

  • Traceability Matrix Creation
  • Model Advisor Checks
  • Qualification Artifacts
DO Qualification Kit - Banner - Matlab Programming, Matlab tutorials, Online Matlab Training, Matlab Projects

Automatic System refers to a system that operates on its own without continuous direct human intervention. Control And Automation of a system are concerned with computing, communications, control, and instrumentation. Making an accurate and flexible automation systems are difficult because testing the application built for that system in real time is expensive and difficult. Using Matlab and Simulink, these applications can be thoroughly tested against real-time models which would rather be unsafe and costly. Matlab can be used to develop algorithms and graphical interface for analysis of automatic control systems.

Our Matlab Tutorials will help you in following topics related to Control and Automation:

  1. Process Automation System.
  2. Designing and Tuning Automatic Control Systems
  3. Analyzing Models for automation.

Under Control and Automation, we also provide Tutoring for specific topics as per your request on DO Qualification KitNumerical Differentiation in MatlabNumerical Integration in MatlabSolution of Ordinary Differential EquationSolution of Partial Differential EquationSolving System of EquationsVehicle Network in Matlab

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