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Fuzzy Logic is an approach to computing which is based on degrees of truth rather than Boolean Logic (True of False) used in modern computers. It is an emerging discipline in Mathematics, which counteracts to Boolean Algebra, where logic values may be partial instead of discrete and binary. Using Matlab had made application of Fuzzy logic in different application effective and efficient.

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You’ll get to learn following topics under Matlab Tutorials for Fuzzy Logic:

  • If-Then Rules
  • Foundations of Fuzzy Logic
  • Logical Operations
  • Sugeno-Type Fuzzy Inference?
    • Advantages of the Sugeno Method
  • Types of Fuzzy Inference Systems
    • Fuzzy Inference Process
      • Step 1. Fuzzify Inputs
      • Step 2. Apply Fuzzy Operator
      • Step 3. Apply Implication Method
      • Step 4. Aggregate All Outputs
      • Step 5. Defuzzify
    • Mamdani-Type Fuzzy Inference?
    • Fuzzy Sets
    • Fuzzy Clustering
    • Clustering Tool
    • Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
    • Model Suburban Commuting Using Subtractive Clustering
    • Cluster Quasi-Random Data Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
    • Subtractive Clustering
    • Data Clustering?
      • Mamdani Systems (GUI)
        • Basic Tipping Problem
        • FIS Editor
        • System Display Functions
        • Custom Membership Functions
        • Membership Function Editor
        • Rule Viewer
        • Surface Viewer
        • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Graphical User Interface Tools
        • FIS Structure
        • Custom Inference Functions
        • Rule Editor
        • FIS Evaluation
      • Simulate Fuzzy Inference Systems in Simulink
        • Cart and Pole Simulation
        • Fuzzy Logic Controller Block
        • Ruleviewer Block
      • Membership Functions
        • Advantages of the Mamdani Method
      • Anfis and the ANFIS Editor GUI
      • Model Learning and Inference Through ANFIS
      • Anfis and ANFIS Editor Functionality
      • Neuro-Adaptive Learning
      • Train Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems (GUI)
      • Predict Chaotic Time-Series (Code)
        • Simulating Fuzzy Inference Systems Using the Fuzzy Inference Engine
          • Windows Platforms
          • Fuzzy Inference Engine
          • UNIX Platforms
Fuzzy Logic in Matlab - Banner - Matlab Programming, Matlab tutorials, Online Matlab Training, Matlab Projects

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