The Fourier Transformation

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Fourier transformation refers to the decomposition of a function of time into frequencies which it is made up of. It is one of the elementary yet essential concepts for anyone who are students or professionals in Electrical Engineering. Application Fourier Transform in Matlab has made many mathematical computations involved in Fourier Transformation simple and smooth. Fourier Transform in Matlab consists of basic concepts of Transform Calculus such as; definite, indefinite and numerical integration. Even though these basic concepts can lay the foundation in Fourier Transformation, it can get complex at times. consists talented group of Matlab Programming experts and Fourier Transformation in Matlab tutors who can professionally respond to your entire needs regarding Fourier Transformation in Matlab. They assist and tutor you on using Matlab for Fourier Transformation anytime. They are available 24*7. Besides counseling you on your Matlab Projects, we also provide Online Matlab training on The Fourier Transformation.

Our tutors will provide you an in-depth Matlab Tutorials on following topics:

  • DFT (Discrete Fourier transform)
  • Discrete Fourier transform of a square wave
  • DFS (Discrete Fourier Series)
  • DTFT (Discrete Time Fourier Transform)
  • Zero padding in DFT
  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
  • Linear Convolution
The Fourier Transformation - Banner - Matlab Programming, Matlab tutorials, Online Matlab Training, Matlab Projects

Electrical Engineering is a field of Engineering that deals with the application of Electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. To work as an Electrical Engineer, one has to perform various complex mathematical computation, model Designs and more. To make these task easy and smooth, Matlab software is popular among Electrical Engineers. It is used to perform magnetic field measurements, design Control systems, digital signal processing, simulation of different communication models and so on.  Our Matlab tutorials on Using Matlab for Electrical Engineering will teach you how to use Matlab for following tasks:

  1. Design Control Systems.
  2. Generate Waveforms of Digital Signal.
  3. Simulation of different systems.
  4. Apply different built-in functions in Matlab.
  5. Implementation and deployment of Applications.

Our Matlab programming tutors are experts in using Matlab for different purposes involving Electrical Engineering projects.Our tutors at are available 24/7 to guide you through your Matlab projects on Electrical Engineering. The tutoring service provides an idea on how to use matlab for different computational tasks in Electrical Engineering. The content of this section includes Control System in Matlab, DSP System in Matlab, Modulation Techniques in Matlab, Robust Control in Matlab, Signal Processing in Matlab, Simulation of Communication Models in Matlab, Stateflow in Matlab, The Fourier Transformation, The Z Transformation

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